The Olympic Features Archive

Title: The Olympic Features Archive

Caption: The Olympic Torch carried in to the stadium at the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games symbolises the themed photographs in this archive.

Keywords: Sport Photograph Olympic Games Summer Winter Feature Special Theme Traditions Opening Ceremonies Icons Symbols Flag Flame Rings Competitors Officials Judges VIPs IOC President Venues Facilities Dove Peace Athlete Official Holding

The Olympic Features Archive The Olympic Flag and Flame The Olympic flag and flame in Albertville IOC Presidents present and past The Ancient Olympic Stadium in Athens. A tribute to the Games of ancient Greece. Mass group display at the Seoul Olympic Games A spectacular opening ceremony. Celebrations in Los Angeles A colourful display in Barcelona The Olympic flag in Barcelona. British team at an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony at the Barcelona Olympic Games. Olympic flag at the Seoul opening ceremony. Olympic flag carriedat the opening ceremony in Barcelona A giant Olympic Flag. Olympic Flag-Closing Ceremony 1994 Raising the Olympic Flag at the Winter Games The Olympic flame lit in Los Angeles Cathy Freeman lights the Olympic Flame. Taking the oath Doves of peace at the Seoul Olympic Games Doves of peace Host City mayors receive the Olympic Flag Flags of the nations. Olympic venue decorations Reflected Olympic Rings. Olympic mascots The layout of an Olympic Venue. Olympic media at work The Olympic logo on Gymnastics apparatus. Skating on the logo TV technology at the Olympic Games. Olympic Rings features Great Britons in Barcelona Electronic display at the Barcelona Olympics. A welcome from the First Nations An aerial snowsport show Olympic Rings galore The Olympic Flag raised Celebrating the Games Aboriginal culture meets the Olympic Rings The day after Blurred double Axel Supporting the Figure Skating event in Vancouver. Zadorozhniuk and Verbillo in their original and free dances. Support message for Virtue and Moir Hope and the outcome Sensing success and winning the gold Yu Na Kim at the end of her Free programme Yu Na Kim jumps to success Joannie Rochette at the end of her short programme Shen and Zhao at the end of their free programme Mao Asada and Olympic aspirations Yu Na Kim skates to success